Designed by attorneys for attorneys, Bridgeway’s legal hold software allows you to increase efficiency by streamlining your entire legal hold process with a solution that’s intuitive and easy-to-use. With Bridgeway, you can protect your company from judicial sanctions while lowering your overall preservation cost and maintaining compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Streamline processes through automation

Managing legal hold through manual processes is inefficient, costly, and risks errors. Legal departments are looking for ways to free staff from manual processes while maintaining quality, and this is especially important with legal hold issues. With Bridgeway’s easy-to-use legal hold software, you can manage the preservation process throughout the complete life cycle of your matters, automating your legal hold tasks to save time and increase efficiency and precision. Dynamically generating, distributing, and tracking preservation notices, Bridgeway’s solution is also designed to ask questions and gather responses online, track and capture the results of interviews, track custodians, and automate reminders.

Ensure compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Legal hold processes support an essential function that protects your organization through assured documentation and custody practices. Manual processes can expose an organization to errors that could bring great risk of legal sanction if an audit or litigation is anticipated. Bridgeway’s Legal Hold software gives you the confidence that your compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will be maintained with defensible processes. It provides the ability to demonstrate that your organization has robust legal hold processes and is proactive in taking the necessary steps to notify custodians to preserve potentially relevant information throughout the litigation lifecycle.

Contain costs, speed deployment, and adoption

In recent years, legal departments have faced greater budget constraints and are looking to automation to ease financial pressure without sacrificing quality. Bridgeway’s legal hold software is a simplified tool, which makes it easy to deploy and use, and is available at a low fixed cost. Of course, adoption by staff is key to truly drive the cost efficiencies of automation. The simplicity of Bridgeway’s software makes it possible to get the whole team working in days. It’s easy to deploy from an IT perspective, and easy to learn for users. The system integrates seamlessly with your e-mail system and corporate data infrastructure (HR applications).

Our legal hold solution also offers integration with matter management, which means users can easily see whether there is a legal hold on a matter and even create a legal hold directly from within the matter management system.

What’s next:

Legal Hold

Our Legal Hold software is an easy-to-use application allowing you to issue preservation notices without having to juggle spreadsheets and e-mails.

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