Corridor: Easy, secure electronic billing software

Managing electronic invoices from your outside counsel and other legal partners is an essential component of your legal spend management strategy. Corridor is Bridgeway’s electronic billing software for easy, secure, LEDES-compliant submission of invoices and supporting documents. Bridgeway’s Corridor works in concert with the eCounsel, Smart Invoice and LawManager invoicing subsystems to support the automation of the entire lifecycle of an invoice from submission through approval.

Why Corridor for electronic billing?

Features Benefits
Easy on-boarding of law firms Getting the team onboard faster means recognizing the benefits of electronic billing software immediately.
Supports popular LEDES formats Law firms that bill in 98b, 98bi or 2000 LEDES formats can submit bills immediately.
Allows for manual invoice entry for law firms that can’t produce a LEDES file Smaller vendors and some international firms are not able to generate LEDES bills; they can use the intuitive manual entry form to submit electronic bills to you.

Corridor makes it work

Corridor is the optimum vehicle for easy electronic submission of invoices from legal vendors. eCounsel’s, Smart Invoice’s and LawManager’s invoicing subsystem integrate with Corridor, for convenient, secure, LEDES-compliant submission of invoices and supporting documents. 

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