Bridgeway E-Mail Link for email and calendar integration

Legal professionals are busier than ever, and finding ways to get the most out of the tools they already have at their disposal is essential to performing effectively. With E-Mail Link, Bridgeway’s enterprise legal management solutions tightly integrate with the most powerful personal productivity and collaboration tools available today—Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes—without requiring additional software to be installed on the end-user devices. It lets attorneys keep up to date with appointments, deadlines and tasks, view matter information including related documents and reports and even approve or reject invoices, right from their preferred email application.

Why E-Mail Link for email integration?

Features Benefits
Allows you to view matter information, documents and reports without leaving your inbox Harness the ability to respond faster, make informed decisions quickly and get more done.
Streamlines invoice processing right from the inbox Reduce invoice approval time by enabling attorneys to keep up with invoices awaiting their approval as part of their normal activities.
Manages legal related deadlines, appointments and tasks Stay current with key dates, regulatory deadlines and important tasks.

Efficiency through email and calendar integration

With tight integration to Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes, Bridgeway offers in-house attorneys pertinent legal information like matter summaries, progress notes and the ability to review and approve invoices directly from within the tools they use most.

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