LawManager®: legal case management software for government and mega enterprise

Government legal departments and those in large enterprises face special challenges in streamlining and managing their matter management workflow. LawManager is designed specifically for government agencies and corporate legal departments that want a highly configurable matter management product, including maximum flexibility to configure the base functionality, but also want the ability to develop other information subsystems that can be fully integrated with their matter management system.

Why LawManager for matter management software?

Features Benefits
Highly configurable to work the way your specific business processes require including seamless integration with legacy systems Work the way you need to without the hassle of conforming to a software’s fixed business processes.
Ability to define rules-based work processes and notifications, and automate document production with the powerful Document Merge feature Enables you to control, optimize and streamline workflows to save time and effort.
Built-in Report Wizard, integration with Web Intelligence from SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Xcelsius Easily create ad hoc and custom reports and dashboards tailored to the C-suite, Board, overseeing bodies, and other teams, to ensure transparency and informed decision-making.
Features to help streamline invoice processing, enforce compliance with invoicing policies, simplify tracking and management of internal staff and outside counsel resources Easily analyze and audit legal costs to better control expenses and adhere to budgets.

Flexibility and rigor in matter management with LawManager

Designed for corporate mega-departments and government agencies that require a highly configurable matter management solution, LawManager provides maximum flexibility and integration with e-billing, email applications, calendaring, Bridgeway’s Legal Hold, analytic tools and more.

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