Legal Hold software that’s actually easy to use

Complying with your evidence-preservation requirements doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. With Bridgeway Legal Hold, it’s remarkably simple, and you will feel confident that you’ve met your preservation requirements. Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you an easy-to-use application that allows you to issue preservation notices without having to juggle spreadsheets and e-mails. It lets you take control of your entire evidence preservation process with a solution that’s easy, intuitive, and incredibly efficient.

Why Bridgeway Legal Hold for evidence preservation?

Features Benefits
Automates legal holds, with reminders, preservation notices, and ability to track online responses, interviews, and custodians, all in one tool Increase efficiency avoid censure associated with matters falling through the cracks.
Intuitive and easy to use workflows and integration with your e-mail system and corporate data infrastructure (HR applications) Easy user adoption and elimination of manual work allow attorneys to focus on practicing law.
Ability to initiate Legal Hold and View Hold Status within eCounsel® or LawManager® Bridgeway’s tight matter management integration saves time and ensures accuracy by identifying matters associated with a legal hold instantly.

Compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure through Bridgeway’s Legal Hold

Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you the confidence that your compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will be maintained with robust, defensible processes. It gives you the ability to prove to the court that you have defensible legal hold processes and that you were proactive in taking the necessary steps to notify custodians to preserve potentially relevant information.

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