Bridgeway E-mail Link

Bridgeway E-mail Link integrates the wealth of information in Bridgeway's matter management and corporate governance solutions into the most powerful personal productivity and collaboration tool available today, Microsoft ® Outlook.

Key Benefits

Developed for busy legal professionals who want to respond to requests quickly, make more informed decisions, and simply, get more done!

With Bridgeway E-mail Link you can:  

  • Access key matter and entity information directly within your inbox from anywhere, at any time.
  • Associate e-mails and documents with matters and entities by simply dragging and dropping them into the appropriate matter or entity folder.
  • Leverage Outlook's advanced search capability to locate matter and entity information based on a simple query, right from the inbox.

Bridgeway E-mail Link doesn't require any software to be installed on the end-user devices and leverages the security inherent in the Bridgeway matter management and corporate governance solutions so users can only access the information they have permission to access. All information transferred between the email application and the Bridgeway solution is encrypted using the standard HTTPS and IMAPs security protocols.

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