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Increasing the efficiency of your corporate governance compliance tasks is a high priority for corporate secretary professionals in today's resource-constrained enterprise. Bridgeway's Secretariat puts you in control, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of information. Designed with input from corporate secretaries, Secretariat simplifies every aspect of managing the legal structure and life of your entire corporate entity according to corporate governance best practices. Web-based and easy to use, it simplifies your entire governance workflow.

Key Benefits

Streamline Processes

Automate a wide range of tasks—from filing state forms and drafting consents to preparing annual meeting documents and creating and distributing corporate organizational charts. Improve productivity by reducing day-to-day repetitive chores so staff can focus on higher value activities.

Minimize Errors

Reducing manual processes helps minimize errors and ensures that all your entity information is accurate, up-to-date, and managed according to consistent standards.

Securely Share Information

All entity information is maintained in a centralized database, with full search capabilities for instant access to entity data. Quickly create custom reports. Unique security features let you easily distribute the workload to regional offices while maintaining central database control.

Reduce Reliance on IT

Secretariat is easy to deploy and configure, and extremely easy to use, so you enjoy the efficiency advantages of advanced automation, with minimum demand on IT resources.

Easily Modify Workflows

Secretariat is extremely flexible, allowing you to easily create or modify corporate governance workflows to meet evolving compliance needs.

Expand Your Reach

Secretariat integrates seamlessly with Bridgeway's matter management solutions to create a complete Legal Services Management environment that leverages the full power of your information to maximize performance and efficiency. Modular products let you expand your capabilities one step at a time, whenever you’re ready.

Key Features

Corp Charts

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway Secretariat - CorpCharts Wizard.Corp Charts allows you to display ownership by parent or subsidiary and create simple-to-complex hierarchical graphs. The charts are automatically created in Microsoft Visio so you can use colors and shapes to display key information according to your preferences. You can use any of the Visio graphics tools to modify the chart as Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway Secretariat - CorpCharts using Microsoft Visio.desired and Bridgeway provides an Organization Chart toolbar that allows you to change the default layout of the chart (from horizontal to vertical, etc.). Additional shapes are provided on the Shapes toolbox using the Bridgeway Chart stencil. If your corporate structure changes, it is easy to update an existing chart

Restricted Entity Edits
Click here to view a full size screen shot of Secretariat's Restricted Entity Edits feature.Bridgeway's unique Restricted Entity Edits feature gives you greater control on edits made to your entity information. It allows the administrator to require that certain user's changes be approved before they are accepted into Secretariat. Then approvers can view a list of edits awaiting approval via the Lobby widget Click here to view a full size screen shot of Secretariat's Restricted Entity Edits feature.and/or receive e-mail notification of edits awaiting approval. After being approved by a designated user, the changes will be made in the database and will be reflected in the Secretariat. In addition, the user who made the changes will receive an e-mail informing the user if the change was approved or rejected.

Additional Key Features

  • Manage all corporate minute book information for every corporate entity typeClick here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway Secretariat - Entity Screen.
  • Access historical information about an entity throughout the life of the entity
  • Use wizards for repetitive tasks, generating reports and documents, and updating key information
  • Access an editable library of standard resolutions
  • Assemble documents by merging fields, text, and graphics into ready-to-print papers for signatures, and store the templates for easy access and re-use
  • Manage all relevant documents with a built-in document repository or links to your document management system
  • Share select corporate information securely and in real-time with those outside the corporate secretary office with the Super Viewer component of Secretariat.
  • Configure screen views and report access at the screen and field level by user or user group.
  • Customize standard reports to greatly increase your reporting options
  • Preserve and adhere to security in reports
  • Link with your team’s calendar to view and prioritize important dates
  • Easily locate obscure information with a sophisticated search and ad hoc reporting tool

Optional Features

Analysis Center 

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Secretariat's Analysis Center reporting tool.Bridgeway's Analysis Center is a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool that allows you to build standard, analytical, and graphical reports from any Secretariat data. Analysis Center uses an easy to learn drag-and-drop user interface that will empower many more people in your legal department to create reports. Reports will automatically abide by Secretariat security rules. 

Client Testimonials

“Bridgeway’s Secretariat Software provides our company with the confidence and flexibility to distribute important legal, compliance and tax reporting information companywide.  It not only offers us the ability to tailor the information to specific department needs, but provides a reliable technology highway for a more efficient work environment.” --Karen Germano and Jennifer Rappa, Boston Capital

"Bridgeway and Secretariat have been taking care of our corporate governance needs for over a decade now. 500 entities, 17 countries and 7 languages...I couldn't be happier!" --Gabriela Adelstein, Secretariat Administrator, Techint Engineering Company

“We’ve been utilizing eCounsel and Secretariat since 2000. The tools are easy, the training is good. We are a happy customer!” --Melisa Jacobs, Paralegal, Synagro

“We’ve been a Bridgeway client for 20 years. Secretariat is as dependable, and their people as responsive, as the first year we did business together.” --Christy Cooper, Office of Corporate Secretary, Equifax

“We rate Secretariat a 20 out of 10. To sum up our 12-year experience with Bridgeway, we’d rather fight than switch to another vendor!”--Sheila Thompson, The Atlantic Philanthropies Limited  

Screen Shot


Client Testimonials

"I am in charge of the corporate records for a Fortune 500 company and have used Secretariat for approximately four years. I use Secretariat every day and am extremely satisfied with its performance." -Vicki Ferraro, MGM

"I really enjoy using Secretariat to manage my entities. Bridgeway puts all my data in one consolidated view, so I can easily retrieve data at the click of a button versus going through numerous minutes books. What a timesaver!" -Nancy Hyland-Pelletier, Cameco Corporation

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