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Complying with your evidence-preservation requirements doesn't have to be complex and time-consuming. With Bridgeway Legal Hold, it's remarkably simple, and you will feel confident that you've met your preservation requirements. Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you an easy-to-use application that allows you to issue preservation notices without having to juggle spreadsheets and e-mails. It lets you take control of your entire evidence preservation process with a solution that's easy, intuitive, and incredibly efficient.

Key Benefits

Compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you the confidence that your compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will be maintained with robust, defensible processes. It gives you the ability to prove to the court that you have defensible legal hold processes and that you were proactive in taking the necessary steps to notify custodians to preserve potentially relevant information. 

Minimize Costs

Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you just what you need to manage your “duty to preserve” compliance process—no more, no less. Why pay for complicated options you aren't going to use?  Bridgeway Legal Hold gives you precisely what you need at an affordable fixed cost.

Designed By Attorneys For Attorneys  

Bridgeway Legal Hold was designed by attorneys for attorneys to solve their enterprise-preservation notice and tracking requirements. It combines industry best practices with an easy-to-use workflow suitable for legal departments of all sizes.

Increase Accuracy

Replacing manual processes with Bridgeway Legal Hold minimizes the chance of errors, helping maintain compliance and avoid sanctions.

Get Started Quickly

Bridgeway Legal Hold is easy to deploy-you can be up and running in days and it’s extremely easy to learn and use, ensuring rapid time-to-benefit.

Save Valuable Time

You can automate your legal hold tasks to save time and be more efficient. Dynamically generate, distribute, and track preservation notices; ask questions and gather responses online; track and capture the results of interviews; track custodians; and automate reminders. These capabilities and more are all available with a single, easy to use solution that integrates seamlessly with your e-mail system and corporate data infrastructure (HR applications).

Key Features

Easy to Use Workflow

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the Legal Hold Workflow feature.Bridgeway Legal Hold was designed from the beginning to be attorney friendly and easy to use. The intuitive workflow guides the user through the notice process while offering flexibility along the way. The easy-to-use workflow allows the attorney to focus on practicing law versus learning complex technology that may never be used.

Preservation Notice Templates 

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the Legal Hold Notice Templates feature.

Users can build a set of preservation notice templates and then easily use them to quickly prepare a new notice. Bridgeway Legal Hold supports a full featured editor for authoring the preservation notices with support for special characters, foreground and background colors, and the ability to send a preview e-mail.

Online Questionnaires

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the Online Questionnaire feature.

Online questionnaires can be created and attached to each category of response for the preservation notice. Once recipients have responded and submitted the completed questionnaire, responses can be analyzed in order to quickly and efficiently assign interviews and collections to the custodians you deem most critical to the process. When creating questionnaires, you can apply templates of questions that have been created previously. In addition, you can reset the questionnaire to the default question at any time. A preview feature is included to view the questionnaire as it appears to the recipient.

Matter Management Integration

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the Matter Management Integration feature.Bridgeway Legal Hold can integrate with Bridgeway’s eCounsel or LawManager products, enabling you to initiate legal holds right from your matter management solution. When viewing a matter, you can quickly see whether the matter has a legal hold issued and if so the status of the hold.  Easily drill down into the hold to see the preservation notice, custodians, interview information, and identified collections.

Automatically Escalates Non-acknowledgements

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the Manager Escalation feature.If a preservation notice does not have a response from a recipient, legal staff has the option to automatically escalate the non-response. Each preservation notice can have a first escalation and a second escalation number, which specify the number of times a notice is sent without response before it is escalated. If the first escalation is reached, an e-mail is sent to the recipient's manager. If the second escalation is reached, then an e-mail is send to the manager's manager.

Section 508 Compliance 

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, requires that when federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology, access and use must be made available to people with disabilities comparable to those without disabilities. Bridgeway Legal Hold embraces use by those with disabilities and is one of the only legal hold applications that is fully Section 508 compliant.

Additional Features and Functionality

  • Allows a pre-notice to be sent prior to a preservation notice
  • Tracks each legal hold from issuance and acknowledgement through collection and eventual rescission of the hold order
  • Supports scheduling of automatic reminder hold notices
  • Provides for establishing an internal discovery response team to help identify key players, data sources, and time periods
  • Generates hold summary, people list, interviews, and data collection reports
  • Maintains multiple template hold notices for internal and external use with boilerplate language that facilitates an effective hold
  • Uses powerful search features to select key custodians from the global custodian list with advice of counsel
  • Sends notices to data stewards to stop any automatic processes that exist within IT
  • Re-issues hold notices to key recipients from the office of issuing authority
  • Facilitates the interview and data collection processes by allowing automatic e-mail notices for interviewers/collectors
  • Allows interviewers/collectors access to their own interview/collection work product
  • Automatically sends reminders to non-responsive legal hold recipients
  • Schedules general notices/reminders
  • Schedules interviews and tracks results within a single application
  • Schedules data collections and tracks results
  • Bulk import utility for people records
  • Customizable response web page
  • Hardened password security with automatic lockout
  • Integrates with LDAP or SiteMinder login authentication
  • Custom report import utility
  • Creates ad-hoc reports
  • Preserves robust audit trails of every notice/reminder sent to recipients
  • Integrates with Active Directory and other HR systems


Screen Shot 

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway Legal Hold

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"People ought to be looking for systems and technology that address their specific needs to provide an audit trail, mitigate the risk against inadvertent document destruction and defend against any potential sanctions. Look for those things that mitigate the risks to the company—no more, no less." -Gerald Kenney, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, NEC Corporation of America

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