Managing electronic invoices from your outside counsel and other legal partners is an essential component of  your legal spend management strategy. Corridor is Bridgeway's e-billing website, for easy, secure, LEDES-compliant submission of invoices and supporting documents. Bridgeway's Corridor works in concert with eCounsel's Smart Invoice and LawManager's invoicing subsystem to support the automation of the entire lifecycle of an invoice from submission through approval.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Easy on-boarding of law firms
  • Supports popular LEDES formats
  • Includes the ability to attach supporting documents to invoice
  • Allows for manual invoice entry for law firms that can't produce a LEDES file
  • Pricing model with no cost to law firms
  • Integrates with both eCounsel and LawManager matter management products
  • Provides a personal level of support for the law firm and company

When Corridor is integrated with eCounsel's Smart Invoice or LawManager's invoicing subsystem the solution delivers: 

  • An intuitive invoice screen display
  • Submission validations to ensure LEDES files are in compliance

Screen Shot

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway Corridor.

Customer Testimonial

“We’ve been a client of Bridgeway’s since 1999. Bridgeway works with Valero as a team for everything. They always have an answer for any challenge we put in front of them. They go the extra mile, ensuring each challenge is met and resolved. One of the reasons we enjoy working with Bridgeway is the attention to detail we receive from its customer support staff, who spends a lot of time working with both the Valero users and coordinating with our IT department. That’s a big relief for me.” -LuClare Payne, Valero Services Inc.

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