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Bridgeway gives you total control of your legal spend with products that allow you to bring all your law firms online quickly and affordably. Bridgeway's electronic billing products allow you to leverage all your financial information to improve efficiency and control over your legal spend-with one integrated solutions provider. Bridgeway's Smart Invoice and Corridor solutions support electronic billing, budgeting, and reporting. Legal teams using Smart Invoice and Corridor are more efficient, have better insight into their invoices, and can thus proactively control outside legal spend. 

The Bridgeway integrated Legal Spend Management suite includes:

Smart Invoice 

Bridgeway's Smart Invoice is a powerful solution that offers advanced e-billing functions to manage all your legal spend management needs. With a single, easy-to-use solution, you control the entire invoice process—from electronic submission, approval, and payment to comparative analysis of budget versus actual costs.


Corridor is the optimum vehicle for easy electronic submission of invoices from legal vendors. eCounsel's Smart Invoice and LawManager's invoicing subsystem integrate with Corridor, for easy, secure, LEDES-compliant submission of invoices and supporting documents.

Client Video Testimonial

Click here to watch Rockwell's video testimonial.

Hear Lisa Girmscheid from Rockwell Automation describe how Rockwell was able to achieve a 21% reduction in their legal spend their first year using Bridgeway's matter management and e-billing solutions.

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