Having a high-performance corporate legal department doesn't have to be complicated and costly. Bridgeway eCounsel is the complete, easy-to-use matter management solution that lets you easily track every detail for any matter, assign and manage internal staff and outside counsel, manage your legal spend, analyze trends, and more—from anywhere, via the Web.

Key Benefits

Control Your Case Load

With eCounsel you can selectively outsource projects or bring more work in-house. Create an online legal collaboration system that lets you manage resources dynamically. Promote collaboration with customized views and access levels via a standard Web browser for attorneys, outside counsel and business unit managers.

Control The Collaboration - Stay Informed

Bridgeway eCounsel allows you to provide business units with the information they need, when they need it. Share information with corporate governance, tax, risk management, and other key groups with secure, customized access. Use built-in reporting and analysis tools to leverage information-rich data to improve strategic planning.

Control Your Legal Spend

Bridgeway eCounsel integrates with Bridgeway Smart Invoice and Bridgeway Corridor solutions, linking your matter management with advanced, rules-driven e-billing capabilities to streamline your invoice handling.  Leveraging information across applications gives you real-time spend information relating to your entire matter portfolio, putting you in complete control to make more informed legal decisions.

Control Your Time

Bridgeway eCounsel streamlines legal matter management processes and automates a variety of tasks, with automatic alerts to ensure deadlines aren’t missed. All related matter information is stored in a single, secure, easily accessed data store—so you have instant access to all details for any legal matter, including a complete historical record.

Control Your Risks

Bridgeway eCounsel automatically tracks task and deadline information to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.  Easily create reports to demonstrate compliance with invoice approvals, matter inception policies, records retention policies, and other policies and procedures.

Streamline Your Reporting

Provide business units with the information they need, when they need it. Powerful reporting and analysis tools let you easily leverage matter management information to improve planning, so you can better manage your resources.

Manage Your Staff Resources

See instantly who is assigned to which matters, so you balance internal workloads and selectively outsource projects. Manage resources dynamically to meet changing needs, while controlling spending.

Expand Your Reach

eCounsel integrates seamlessly with Bridgeway e-billing, Legal Hold, and corporate governance solutions to create a complete Legal Services Management environment that leverages the full power of your information to maximize performance and efficiency. Modular products let you expand your capabilities one step at a time, whenever you’re ready.

Key Features

Home Page Portal

Click here to view a full size screen shot of eCounsel's home page portal.

Users can configure the eCounsel home page portal with a variety of widgets to display the information they desire upon login. Standard widgets include Alerts, Crystal Reports, Outside Counsel Monthly Spend, Top Matters, Cost by Business Unit, Favorite Reports, Idle Matters, Invoices Awaiting My Approval, and many more.

Analysis Center

Click here for a full size screen shot of Bridgeway's Analysis Center.

Bridgeway's Analysis Center is a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool that allows clients to build standard, analytical, and graphical reports from any eCounsel data. Analysis Center uses an easy to learn drag-and-drop user interface that will empower many more people in your legal department to create reports. Reports will automatically abide by eCounsel's security rules.

Click here to view a full size screen shot of eCounsel New Matter Wizard.


eCounsel includes a set of configurable wizards, for example, the Matter Intake Wizard that allows an administrator to create intake screens for various matter types to improve data entry speed. There is also a Matter Assign/Reassign wizard and a Copy Matter wizard.


Click here to view a full size screen shot of eCounsel's Bookmark feature. Bookmarks are on the left.Each user can configure a set of personal bookmarks to specific records, for example, specific matters, URLs, etc. Users can simply drag and drop records to create new bookmarks. The bookmarks section can also be collapsed to give you more screen space.

Flexible Grids

Click here to view a full size screen shot of eCounsel's Grid features.eCounsel has very flexible grids for displaying data. Users can personalize grids to display the fields they choose, in the column order they choose, and they can choose how the data should be sorted. Users can also filter the data on these grids in an ad-hoc fashion or by administrator-defined filters, for example, "My Matters."

Additional Features

  • Store all related matter information in one central secure location
  • Maintain a complete historical account of all transactions
  • Link with your team's calendar to view and prioritize important dates
  • Integrate your e-mail system to drag and drop messages and attachments into a protected database
  • Manage internal workloads and selectively outsource matters for maximum efficiency
  • Track and analyze internal and external costs, and e-mail reports
  • Schedule BusinessObjects Crystal Reports to run at a designated date/time
  • Use on-demand tabs and fields to create custom data entry screens
  • Update, view, and share information anytime, anywhere the Internet reaches
  • Link with outside counsel for input and collaboration
  • Interface eCounsel with your e-mail, accounts payable, and document management systems
  • Integrate eCounsel with other Bridgeway solutions for a single source of support
  • Manage subversion releases for all deployments using Update Manager
  • Integrate with Bridgeway Legal Hold to create a hold from a matter within eCounsel
  • Manage foreign bills and taxes on fees and expenses electronically with multi-currency, LEDES 98B-International invoices, submissions, and VAT support
  • Streamlined Service of Process workflow capabilities which automatically sorts alerts according to the types of service and then routes them to the appropriate department
  • Maintain a complete historical account of all Service of Process actions by date and person

Client Testimonials

“eCounsel provides me the ability to report accurate and actionable data to senior management at a moment’s notice.  I’ve been able to create over 150 custom reports to manage data requests, with some used to audit data; preserving and promoting data integrity within the database.   I look forward to taking eCounsel to the next level.” --Wayne Lutman, Director of Legal Admin Services, RadioShack Corporation

“Bridgeway stands out because they offer personal attention along with industry expertise. As a hosted client, we did not have in-house staff available to support us from an IT perspective during implementation.  It turns out that didn't matter, because Bridgeway stepped in to build what was a very sustainable implementation.  That was almost three years ago, and they have continued to provide opportunities to expand our use of eCounsel. Their system provides enough off-the-shelf functionality to meet the majority of your needs, and the bonus is that the client is able to configure other functionality on their own, without the need for IT or other support.  This is a powerful combination that has allowed us to roll out the system to over 230 firms worldwide."  --Lisa Germscheid, Legal Project Mgr., Rockwell Automation, Inc.

"Seven years ago we picked Bridgeway because it’s a long-standing company that was there and is always there.  We didn’t want to get into a solution with a company that is going to be sold or spun off. It proved a great decision as we have gone from 10 people on desktop software to 130 worldwide on eCounsel, managing the department in ways we never thought possible. We could not have done it without a highly functional product and the support and expertise from a true partner.” --Marina Jones, OPC Legal System Administrator, Occidental Petroleum

“Valero has been a Bridgeway client for well over a decade. eCounsel’s functionality continues to keep the Valero Legal Department organized and productive, and Bridgeway continues to be a responsive partner, providing a service level never seen before in a software company.”--LuClare Payne, Senior Legal Assistant, Valero

Client Testimonial

"eCounsel gives me the ability to have everything at my fingertips without leaving my desk.  When I open a matter, all the information about the matter is right there, progress notes tell me the status and all scanned documents and final agreements are attached.  One-stop shopping."-Barb Triolo, Johnson Matthey

More Testimonials

Screen Shot

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway eCounsel.

Client Success Story 

Read how Dynegy Inc. initiated a project to gain greater operational efficiency by automating manual processes, capturing matter and legal spend data, and taking a proactive approach.

Client Video Testimonials

Click here to watch Rockwell's video testimonial.

Hear Lisa Germscheid from Rockwell Automation describe how Rockwell was able to achieve a 21% reduction in legal spend its first year using Bridgeway's matter management and e-billing solutions.

Click here to watch TECO Energy's video testimonial.

Hear how Laura Willis, Legal Technical Specialist at TECO Energy, Inc. uses Bridgeway's products to manage their matters, invoices, and staff's time. As Laura states "If someone is out of town for a week, that invoice used to sit there. Now it can continue the process and come back around to the person."

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