Bridgeway's LawManager provides government agencies and corporate legal departments that have challenging requirements with the ultimate in matter management flexibility and control. When you need a matter management solution that can adapt to your highly specialized matter management and system integration requirements, you need LawManager.

Combining a comprehensive matter management solution with unparalleled flexibility and customization, LawManager’s collection of integrated applications can be installed as is, or with the LawManager Architect toolkit, configured to meet virtually any information need. Our clients use the base legal applications delivered with LawManager and have developed many other specialized applications to manage different requirements in their legal departments. Our federal, state, and local government clients have developed FOIA request systems, investigation systems, evidence tracking systems, and many others. Our corporate clients have developed other applications to manage claims, market conduct examinations, regulatory affairs, special investigations, compliance, property rights, and even screen plays.

Key Benefits

Works The Way You Want It To

Many applications require you to change the way you work and conform to the fixed business processes built into their matter management products. LawManager has been designed from the beginning, over two decades ago, to allow our clients to configure the system to work the way your specific business processes require.

Control and Optimize Workflows

You can define rules-based work processes and notifications, and automate document production with the powerful Document Merge feature. This enables you to streamline workflows and save time and effort. LawManager is highly customizable and can be easily tailored to meet the precise needs of all users.

Easily Create Custom Reports

Being able to easily create custom reports is important within any matter management system. LawManager has a variety of reporting solutions that are each designed for specific reporting requirements and different users. LawManager's built-in Report Wizard allows users to create ad-hoc reports with virtually no training. LawManager is integrated with Web Intelligence from SAP Business Objects to allow power users to create more detailed reports. LawManager is also integrated with Crystal Reports and Xcelsius for management reports and information dashboards.

Control Expenses and Budgets

For corporate legal departments, LawManager provides powerful features that let you streamline invoice processing, enforce compliance with invoicing policies, simplify tracking and management of internal staff and outside counsel resources, budget, analyze and audit legal costs, and much more.

Expand Your ReachClick here to learn more about Bridgeway's Legal Enterprise Management Solutions and Products.

LawManager integrates seamlessly with Bridgeway's e-billing, Legal Hold, and eDiscovery products to create a complete Legal Enterprise Management environment that leverages the full power of your information to maximize performance and efficiency. Modular products let you expand your capabilities one step at a time, whenever you’re ready.

Key Features

Global Search

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the LawManager Global Search feature.Global searching allows the user to quickly search for a name, word, or phrase across all information managed by LawManager, including interfaced data, for example documents within a third party DMS. The results are organized by location found, and the user can easily drill down into a specific record or the whole location result set. The searched word or phrase is automatically highlighted. The administrator can configure which specific fields should be searched.

Report Wizard

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the LawManager Report Wizard.The LawManager Report Wizard allows you to produce hundreds of useful reports very easily. It will dramatically reduce the number of Crystal Reports your staff will need to create. LawManager allows the beginner to create ad-hoc reports using the powerful Query-By-Notebook search facility to select the data, the Notebook to sort the results and arrange the columns, and the Report Wizard to prepare the report. You can save a report private for yourself, for your work group, or public for all users. Output formats include PDF, rich text, and plain text. The Report Wizard abides by all the application level and record level security configured in LawManager.

Graphical Calendars

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the LawManager Graphical Calendars.LawManager supports a graphical calendar wizard that allows you to graph any data in a weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. For example, you can graph calendar events, tasks, time entries, approvals, documents, invoices, and even matters by their open date. You can easily navigate from one view to another.

LawManager Architect Toolkit

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the LawManager Architect toolkit.The Architect toolkit is a sophisticated object-oriented development environment for tailoring your LawManager system and can be used to develop completely new information systems. There is a design mode for full field and form layout with field positioning and aligning tools for designing clean screen layouts. There are over 80 field templates to choose from with the ability to define custom field templates for your project, making the management of a large project easier. There is full object-oriented inheritance for fields, tabs, and complete Notebooks (our forms) making the management of a large custom project much easier and allowing us to upgrade the system. The toolkit supports the ability to define or override the field caption, data type, data length, required, read-only, visibility, and field hint. 

Click here to view a full size screen shot of the LawManager Architect Scripting Debugger.The Architect toolkit supports a comprehensive scripting environment for implementing your business logic. There are over 50 different events within a Notebook that can trigger a script. Business logic can be used for field validation, record validation, dynamic drop down filtering, workflow, and integrations. Script can control the visibility, read only, and required attributes of a field using AJAX technology to allow screens to dynamically change as users enter or change data. The Scripting Debugger supports a powerful editor for authoring business logic with intelli-sence for properties, break points, a class browser, an immediate window, and a stack window.

Section 508 Compliance

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, requires that when Federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology, access and use must be made available to people with disabilities comparable to those without disabilities. Bridgeway embraces use by those with disabilities and has designed LawManager to be Section 508 compliant. 

Additional Features

  • Powerful, highly customized interface that is intuitive to use
  • Quick queries make finding data simple
  • Use advanced search in detail or tabular mode
  • Graphically view any data on yearly, monthly, or weekly calendar views
  • Integrate LawManager with document management systems
  • Manage cases using the Case Management Foundation configuration
  • Add more power with Case Management Financials for budgeting, invoicing, and timekeeping
  • Integrate with Legal Hold to create a hold from a matter within LawManager

Client Testimonials 

“For over a decade, Bridgeway has supported me through many changes within several different law departments. With each passing year, Law Manager’s flexibility has allowed the organizations I support to meet every new challenge.” --Deb Tatar, Assistant Vice President, Legal Technology, MetLife


Screen Shot

Click here to view a full size screen shot of Bridgeway LawManager.

Client Testimonial

"Bridgeway's LawManager screen views are simple to use and easy to navigate.  Competing products display information that is fragmented -- putting together is much more time-consuming because it means I have to piece it together screen by screen.  But, with LawManager, I am provided the information in a simple, easy to read, consolidated view." -Susan Blonski, Bombardier Aerospace Structured Finance

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